The low-temperature services provided by PCI are comprehensive. PCI has over 200 combined years of management experience installing low temperature products.  We understand how critical the thermal moisture vapor envelope is to a building’s operation and efficiency. PCI has extensive knowledge of building complicated new construction projects with exterior panels, cooler and freezer box within box configurations, expansions, and renovations to existing facilities.   


Nationwide Coverage and Expertise

While PCI services the nation and is familiar with a variety of building codes, our team is well versed in the Florida Building Code and we understand the different installation requirements for the various wind zones and uplift designs. We can help you comply with Factory Mutual Global requirements and work with vendors on proper installation methods to ensure your roof will meet design codes. PCI is able to work with vendors on design criterion to meet or exceed these applications through fastener systems or span limitations to structural steel. Our team expertise is most valued at the front-end design phase where we can assist engineers and architects with material selection, critical construction detail input, and help with wind-loading analysis. Additionally, our understanding of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for materials gives us an edge on the competition. 


Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Program is very comprehensive. PCI starts each project with an internal review by the project team for each job’s unique requirements. A checklist system, with appropriate internal hold points, is used by both field and office management personnel to ensure installation meets design specifications. Photo documentation is used in conjunction with our checklist to document installation. From verifying vapor barriers are overlapped and sealed correctly, to confirming door operation, PCI's quality process is comprehensive from start to finish.


Thermal Imaging

PCI utilizes thermal imaging for both quality assurance applications and existing facility problem diagnosis. This capability allows PCI to both verify our end product is installed correctly and to assess existing problems quickly for a root cause determination. This adds value to you, knowing the installation is correct and reducing the time to make corrections on existing issues.

For more than 40 years, PCI has been helping companies achieve success by identifying key business challenges and providing proven, quality solutions.


Learn how PCI's experience and innovation has helped the following companies exceed their goals:


· Peace River Citrus

· Arcadia, FL


· Coca-Cola Refreshments

· Auburndale, FL


· Central Beef Industries

· Center Hill, FL


· Illiana Block

· Gary, IN


· SAFT America SA

· Jacksonville, FL


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