Insulated Metal Panels


Installing insulated panels is our core work. We use these energy-efficient, clean, and bright panels to form the ceilings and walls of freezers, coolers, and other temperature-controlled environments where it is critical to the integrity of product and/or manufacturing process. Additionally, PCI uses panels in the construction of manufacturing and commercial facilities. We utilize this material in new construction, renovations, and expansions. Our approach adds value to our customer; value derived from ROI savings in performance, appearance, and reduced facility maintenance costs.


PCI specializes in three main categories of insulated panels in a variety of insulation thicknesses:


   • Urethane Foam Core

   • Expanded Polystyrene Skin (EPS) Core

   • Fire Rated Panels (Mineral Wool Core)


Each panel composite has unique insulating, fire protection, and spanning capabilities. PCI understands each application and will help you choose the right insulated panel to match your need.


PCI is well-versed in the variety of panel finishes offered and can help you choose the correct materials for your project. Whether your needs are for Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), USDA compliance, or you utilize caustic wash-down in your processes, we understand the finishes and their unique characteristics. Below are a few options we provide on our installations, depending upon the specific requirements for your job:


   • USDA Approved Finishes

   • Stainless Steel

   • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

   • Architectural Finishes


PCI is ready to provide cost-conscious solutions to your thermal needs.

Urethane Foam Core, Expanded Polystyrene Skin (EPS) Core, Fire Rated Panels (Mineral Wool Core)
Urethane Foam Core, Expanded Polystyrene Skin (EPS) Core, Fire Rated Panels (Mineral Wool Core)

For more than 40 years, PCI has been helping companies achieve success by identifying key business challenges and providing proven, quality solutions.


Learn how PCI's experience and innovation has helped the following companies exceed their goals:


· Peace River Citrus

· Arcadia, FL


· Coca-Cola Refreshments

· Auburndale, FL


· Central Beef Industries

· Center Hill, FL


· Illiana Block

· Gary, IN


· SAFT America SA

· Jacksonville, FL


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